Create a subscription product

Subscriben allows you to turn any WooCommerce product into a subscription product in a few easy steps:

1. Create or edit a WooCommerce product

2. Scroll to the ‘Product data’ section and check the ‘Subscription’ checkbox

3. Fill in the product’s subscription settings

Price is per: Sets the time period for the product’s billing cycle.
Free Trial: Specifies the amount of time that your customers can subscribe to the product without being charged.
Sign-up fee: Enables a one-off fee when a customer first takes out a subscription to the product. This fee will not be applied in subsequent renewals.
Max length: Sets a maximum time frame where the customer can hold a subscription to the product. After the elapsed time, the subscription will automatically close and no further payments will be taken.

4. Publish/save the product

That’s it! Your product is now a subscription product and Subscriben will handle everything.

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