Product and Checkout page

Subscriben makes several changes to the product page and checkout page. The changes indicate that a subscription is being purchased and give customers pertinent information about the subscription such as the billing cycle and setup fees.

An example of a product page changed by Subscriben:

£9.99 / 12 months with a sign-up fee of £4.99

On the above screenshot, you can see that not only does it display its regular price (£9.99) but it tells you how often that price is to be paid (every 12 months) and the cost of the sign-up fee (£4.99).

Here’s what the same product looks like at the checkout:

You can see the same information from the product page in the ‘Price’ column.

In the ‘Subtotal’ column you can see the total amount that is to be paid now (£14.98), the cost of each recurring payment (£9.99) and how often the recurring payment will be made (every 12 months).


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