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The WordPress subscription extension for WooCommerce store owners.

Developed by the team behind UpdraftPlus and WP-Optimize, Subscriben is a powerful WooCommerce extension that automatically manages subscriptions to give sellers less work and more income.

WooCommerce subscription services

Subscriben extends WooCommerce by automatically processing subscription payments. It’s powerful, versatile and easy-to-use for the sale of any product or service that involves recurring payments (such as food, magazine or software subscriptions).

End to End Subscription Service

From initial customer purchase to automated payments for renewals, Subscriben manages every aspect of the sales cycle! 

Supports all WooCommerce Gateways

Subscriben is fully compatible with all WooCommerce gateways, thus offering full access to all of their features. It has a built-in PayPal gateway which, along with the official WooCommerce Stripe gateway, supports automatic subscription renewals.

Regular Updates

Subscriben offers regular feature updates and improvements to ensure it remains optimally powerful and user-friendly.

Subscriben process

WooCommerce Store Extension:

Subscriben integrates neatly and seamlessly with your Woocommerce store.


Processes payments:

Subscriben processes customer payments and passes them directly to the seller.

Cancellation Options:

Subscriben offers sellers the option to suspend customers’ subscriptions if they do not respond to payment reminders.


Customer Notifications:

Subscriben sends customers emails outlining the start/ end dates of their subscription, reminders about due or overdue payments, and grace periods. 

Hooks and Filters:

Subscriben allows developers to customise or extend its functionality. 


Subscriben allows sellers to set up parameters for customer subscriptions.

Expiry Reminders:

Subscriben automatically notifies customers coming to the end of their subscription contract and cancels subscriptions once they have expired.

Subscription Options:

Subscriben gives sellers the option of allowing customers to suspend, pause, cancel and resume their subscription at any time.


Automatic Payment Processing:

Subscriben automatically processes customer payments and subscription.

The WordPress subscription extension for WooCommerce store owners.

All premium licenses come with:

  • 1 year of support
  • 1 year of free updates


1-2 licenses

$69.00 / year



3-5 licenses

$129.00 / year



Unlimited licenses

$179.00 / year


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